Safety Committee Meetings and Co-operative Exchange of Best Practices

OAFS Member Firms each employ a Safety Officer to ensure that they develop and observe proper Safety Policies and Procedures. OAFS has formed a Safety Committee comprised of the firms’ Safety Officers to meet regularly for a co-operative exchange of problems and solutions in the safety field.

Guidelines for Development of Safety Policy and Procedures Based on Industry Standards and Best Practices

The OAFS Safety Committee recently updated the foregoing document, which was made available to all member firms to assist them in developing their own Safety Procedures.

Please click here to download the OAFS Safety Guidlines.  Revised June, 2016.

Training of Personnel

While OAFS contributes to the IUOE Training Trust and depends to some degree on the Union providing training to apprentices and journeymen, each member firm is involved in the training of their work force to maintain the highest safety standards possible.

Working with Government Agencies Involved in Workplace Safety

OAFS representatives have been active over the past few years in working with the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities in the development of standards for the standards, training and accreditation of Drill Rig Operators. We are also involved in a working group with IHSA in the review and implementation of these standards, including new Regulations.