OAFS employs Union workers. The trades employed are Operating Engineers and Labourers. We are respectful of the superior capabilities of Union employers and work toward the most harmonious relationship possible.

International Union of Operating Engineers - IUOE Local 793

OAFS is signatory to a collective agreement with the Operating Engineers Ontario-wide Local No. 793. Schedule “C” of the collective agreement covers all employers engaged in the Foundation, Piling and Caisson Boring Business in the Province of Ontario.

LiUNA - Labourers Internation Union of North America

While OAFS does not have direct negotiations with the Labourers’ Union, most of the OAFS member firms are also members of the Heavy Construction Association of Toronto, who negotiate a collective agreement with LiUNA Local 183 for Heavy Construction Labourers in Board Area 8 (the Toronto area) and respect the agreement with LiUNA in other areas.



Union Memorial
Local 793 Operators Memorial