There has been a general trend shifting certain responsibilities for quality assurance from the Inspection Company working for the Owner to the Contractor performing the work.  Often our members retain a Quality Verification Engineer (QVE) mostly to provide third-party verification of the quality of work. An example is the precision monitoring of deflection of earth retention systems. This has led to a more professional approach to contruction techniques by the Contractor.

Value Engineering

Frequently, contractors have been able to provide more economical solutions to specified construction and can save the Owner money by offering a different technique that provides the required end result. Some Owners have formal programs which allow this possibility with a program of sharing the savings, dubbed “Value Engineering”.


It is common practice in some types of work, particularly in earth retention work, to have the Contractor supply the design in a Design/Build form of contract. Experience with alternative designs and value engineering have resulted in Contractors developing these Design/Build capabilities. For complex work, outside consultants are frequently utilized by the Contractor to assist with the design of the proposed work.



Caisson Wall
Beginning a Secant Wall Installation in Hamilton